Centre Psychology Group

Seta Toroyan, LCSW

Seta is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a BA from Cambridge University and an MSW from Columbia University. Her diverse background includes experience at Blanton Peale Counseling Center, Legal Aid, pastoral counseling, and six years on a suicide hotline.

Seta treats a wide range of issues including depression, anxiety, trauma, bi-polar disorder, fertility issues and insomnia. She often works with people feeling stuck in their career, not getting the acknowledgement they deserve or making the progress they want, and those looking for a new direction.

To use therapy jargon, the "modalities" Seta is trained in include “EMDR" for trauma, "psychodynamic therapy," "narrative therapy," "CBT," "IPSRT," "CBT for insomnia," and "motivational interviewing." She tries to use what she feels will be most helpful for each individual.

Seta believes therapy creates a relationship, hopefully one where we feel safe enough to disclose, and supported enough to grow. She strives to be an empathic listener, and to create a safe space where people can heal, figure out what feels right for them, and grow into who they want to be.